US-nato base comes under martyrdom attack, 60 invaders killed and wounded


HELMAND ( – Officials reporting from Nad Ali district say that a successful two phased martyrdom attack was carried out on a US-nato base in Nari Manda area on Monday (2013/3/25).

The attack commenced at around 06:00 pm local time when a martyrdom seeker (Sheikh Ahmad) detonated a truck bomb at the gate of the base and nearby enemy stationing positions while the invaders had gathered around.


The blast which clear the area of barriers and caused the enemy significant losses was followed by 11 heavily armed Mujahideen who entered inside and began close range combat on the remaining enemy as a result, about 40 invaders were killed, more than 20 wounded whereas 6 hireling troops were also killed as well as 2 enemy surveillance balloons completely destroyed.

Officials say that the successful operation forced the rest to the enemy to take cover in their hiding places, prompting Mujahideen to end their operation after seizing different types of enemy arms, adding that 1 Mujahid from the later group (Hikmatullah) was martyred (may Allah grant him Jannah) while the 10 others safely left the area and reached their bases.

Such attacks have once again shown the enemy that Mujahideen are capable of carrying out all types of operations and that their strength is increasing by the day.

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Qari Yousuf Ahmadi

14/05/1432   26/03/2013



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