Statement of Islamic Emirate concerning the ongoing catastrophe in Aleppo


( – It is with great sadness to be witnessing that tens of thousands of unarmed civilians mainly women and children are besieged in the Syrian city of Aleppo, with reports coming out about their slaughter, injury and inhumane treatment.

The Islamic Emirate calls upon all parties involved in the Syrian conflict to desist from endangering the lives of unarmed civilian Muslims and put an end to all atrocities against them.


The Syrian conflict is a great Divine test for the entire Muslim world. The Islamic Emirate calls upon the Islamic world, Islamic Conference, scholars of the Muslim world and all involved parties to not remain indifferent and prevent the suffering of women, children and unarmed civilians.

Intervention by foreign powers in that country – be they under whatever name or excuse – will only prolong this catastrophe. Mass slaughter by air raids and the humanitarian crisis brought about by the suffering can never be justified. We express our deepest sympathy with the oppressed people of Syria especially with the women and children who have been killed and are targets of barbaric actions. We pray to Allah to have mercy on the disastrous situation of the Islamic world, deliver His slaves, withhold the hand of the aggressor and emancipate the oppressed from oppression, Ameen O Lord of the Universe.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

14/03/1438 Hijri Lunar

24/09/1395 Hijri Solar

14/12/2016 Gregorian



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