Muslim Hackers back contributed their expertise

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Jakarta (Arrahmah.Com) – Once again support for Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir stuffing the cyber world, after previous site made shocking the cyber world then also followed by several site also being hacked. [read: Hacker contributed the expertise as a support form to the Ustad ABB].

Not only to Ustadz ABB, chairman of the Arrahmah Media and also as an owner of online media Islamic world news and Jihad, Muhammad Jibriel i.e Prince Of Jihad (may he became icons of Cyber Jihad), also displayed his picture lined up beside Ustadz ABB, the following photo is Ustadz Amman Abdurrahman which some time ago also has been arrested by Densus 88 in Sumedang, in his residence.

Written below the photo “RELEASE THEM O ENEMIES OF ALLAH…!!! We support MUJAHIDEEN all over the world ..!!!” also includes the advice to the Muslims Ummah to abandon all forms of worship other than Allah SWT.

“Whoever did not judge by what Allah revealed, they are (no better than) DISBELIEVERS, THE UNJUST, AND THE TRANSGRESSORS (QS. AL MAIDAH 44, 45, 47)

Making law besides Quran and Sunnah (having law such to democracy, Pancasila, 45-Constitution-45 & other man-made law) are Polytheists, place for peoples who DISBELIEVERS, THE UNJUST, AND THE TRANSGRESSORS is in HELL. Na’udzubillahimin dzalik.


From tracking by, some sites which are victims, there are also government sites, such as antara lain:,,,,,,,,,,,

Not forgetting, the hackers also chanting prayers:

“Oh Allah forgive us if you can not join the caravan of mujahideen, just this and prayer that we can provide to support Your soldiers (Mujahideen), O Allah!!! Forgive our weakness & ignorance and make us among those who Believers (muwahidin) … amiin! Insya Allah, hopefully we can join with our brothers (mujahideen) soon… amiin!! ”

The hacker who called himself “ashaburayatisud” promise not to damage the contents of the web are a victim. At the bottom of the site which hacking written:

“Don’t worry, we don’t destroy or manipulate important data on this site, just adding this page only and a little configuration,” he said. (saif al battar / /translate by: Sofia Firdausi)

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