Mujahideen again capture Yemeni town and defeat puppet troops


RADAA ( Qadaya Al Umma news agency, citing sources in the Yemeni puppet authorities, reported that the command al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has sent hundreds of Mujahideen to the town of Radaa in the province of al-Baida, located in the south-east of the capital Sana’a, on Tuesday tasked to repel military puppets in this area.

Earlier on Monday, last week, the puppet “Defense Ministry” has started a large-scale offensive against AQAP units in Radaa under the pretext of “freeing the foreigners”. The sally of the puppets started despite the fact that the leadership of AQAP denied information about the presence of foreigners in the town, not only in Radaa, but also in the entire province of al-Baida.

Aerial and ground attacks, which began at dawn on Monday, have resulted in more than 2 500 refugees from the local community, many of them women and children.

A part of the townspeople and villagers from nearby villages took up arms and joined the Mujahideen.

An official of the puppet “Defense Ministry” has confirmed that more than 7,000 military puppets were sent to Radaa to kick out AQAP Mujahideen from the town, and then – from the region.

A source in the AQAP said that during the fighting against the army of the puppet regime Mujahideen actively used heavy artillery and rocket launchers installations Katyusha.

On January 31 sources in Yemen said that the Mujahideen with the support of the local population crushed military armada of the puppets in Radaa, killing and injuring 100 enemy elements.

Scores of military vehicles burned. AQAP Mujahideen captured a lot of trophies, including 20 vehicles, dozens of military puppets captured.

Hundreds of volunteers and Mujahideen continued to flock to the town to support AQAP.

Meanwhile, in the province of Al-Jawf  US drones have accidentally bombed their own gunner, when he tried to “tag” the Mujahideen of AQAP.

At least 2 military intelligence officers of the puppet regime injured as a result of attack of Islamic fighters near a police station in the south-eastern province of Hadramout on Tuesday.

Two so-called “intelligence inspectors” were returning home, when a group of masked Mujahideen opened fire on their car near a police center in Hadramout province, seriously wounding one of the puppets, who later died in hospital. (kavkazcenter/

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