Martyr attack kills 17 American invaders, wounds 20 others


GHAZNI ( – A martyr attack carried out by a brave of son of Islam in Qarabagh district of Afghanistan’s southern Ghazni province have killed as many as 17 US terrorists and wounded more than 20 others, say Mujahideen officials.

Early on Tuesday, a lone Mujahid of the Islamic Emirate, Abdullah coming from Wardak province drove his car filled with explosive towards the heavily-guarded military convoy of the US en route to the center of Maqur district and slammed it into the convoy, blowing four of the armored personnel carriers to bits and killing and wounding at least 37 American terrorist troops.  

The blast from the explosive-packed car was so enormous that it sent the pieces of tanks and flesh and meat of the bodies of the US invaders flying in the air and threw them meters away which were seen scattered around the bomb site.

The operation was the deadliest for the US troops in Ghazni province since the beginning of Ramadan amid Operation Khalid bin Walid.

The martyrdom attack coincides the with Wardak operation that killed some 14 US terrorists and wounded 6 others early Tuesday. (shahamat/

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