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Martyr attack hits Kabul International Airport


KABUL ( martyr attack, latest in the series of the ‘Operation Khaibar’, hit Kabul International Airport early Thursday in the center of Kabul city, the country’s capital, Al-Emarah News reports.

The attack initiated at about 4:00 a.m. local time when a martyr Mujahid of the team of four martyr attackers conducted a car bomb attack at the gate of the military compound of the airport, enabling the other attackers to enter the airport who began targeting the military installations, barracks, checkpoints, depots, fuel storages and aircrafts.

Shortly afterwards, the martyr Mujahideen engaged in a head-on fight with the extra forces, the commandoes called in.

The operation lasted about five hours in which a number of the enemy soldiers, police, commandoes and security forces were killed.

Thursday’s successful operation caused the enemy heaviest structural damages, where military sections, depots, fuel storages and a number of the aircrafts were also damaged or burned down.

The operation ended with the martyrdom of the four Mujahideen who braved Thursday’s martyrdom attack which was one of the devastating and worst single-day attacks for the enemy.

The team of the four heroic Mujahideen of the martyr unit of the Islamic Emirate included Salahuddin hailing from Kabul, Izatullah from Nangarhar, Kiramat from Kunduz and Hidayatullah from Baghlan provinces.





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