Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: The commence of Khalid-bin-Waleed operations


( – From today [Taurus 8, 1392 A.H (solar) equivalent to April 28, 2013 A.D] onward, the all-inclusive Jihadi operations by the name of Khalid-bin-Waleed will be commenced by Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, against the foreign invaders throughout Afghanistan.

There is a proverb in Persian language which says that the richness of the whole year is anticipated from its spring season. (Because inside Afghanistan, the spring season sets in the start of the new year.) The observer can anticipate the quality and quantity of Mujahidin’s Jihadi operations this year with the assistance of Allah Almighty, when he observes the successful operations and unparalleled achievements of Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in the spring season of the current year.

Nowadays, it is the time of the termination of ‘Al-Farooq’ operations and the commencing of newly named ‘Khalid-bin-Waleed’ operations and these newly launched operations are fraught with Jihadi successes throughout the country.

In the south of the country, for the first time, Mujahidin captured the helicopter of the foreign forces along with all its crewmembers and in the North-west of the country, in Faryab province, Mujahidin had tremendous victories against the Arbakis who are the successors of the American invaders. In this province, on one side, vast areas have been cleaned up from the presence of Arbakis and on the other side, the incessant process of the surrender of the state forces has badly traumatized the determination of the enemy.
Beating of Arbakis in the central Ghazni province of Afghanistan, the unprecedented conquests of Badakhshan province, the decisive assault of Zabul province, the killing of Sado who was a great scoundrel of Paktika province, the Jihadi move of Daikundi province, the surrender and amalgamation process of the enemy in Helmond province, the horrifying attack on the enemy in Farah province, the colossal incident of joining the ranks of Jihad in Nangarhar and Laghman provinces and the unremitting series of Mujahidin’s achievements bear the good news of the instantaneous victory for Mujahidin and the overall defeat of the enemy throughout Afghanistan.

It is strongly hoped that the forthcoming operational year will be the year of huge and vital changes in the interest of Jihad. The Americans who have absconded their military bases in most parts of Afghanistan and have left the internal stooges and some Arbakis in their stead, the approaching months will be the testing period of these surrogate fighters of the external invaders. It seems that the dreams of the invading Americans have turned down to ashes and all their speculations have been reversed. Approximately in all provinces of Afghanistan, those mercenary fighters, who were armed and equipped by the Americans for their proxy war, surrender collectively. They hand over their weapons and other equipments to Mujahidin and declare their assimilation with Mujahidin through the Invitation and Guidance Commission of the Islamic Emirate.

Those mercenaries, who are adamant of fighting, have no strength of resisting the Jihadi forces as disclosed by the latter incidents. The incidents of Ghazni, Kunduz, Kandahar, Darzab, Faryab and other parts of the country showed that the defensive position of the successor Arbakis of the absconded American forces is pretty weak and they are deeply traumatized armed personnel. Mujahidin can wipe them away collectively with quite ordinary operations. These kinds of ridiculous incidents of their losses demoralize the enemy and decimate their fighting determination.

The current year operations have been named by the Islamic Emirate, after the great conqueror of the Muslim Ummah i.e. Hazrat Khalid-bin-Waleed. Generally, the intention behind this kind of naming is good omen and positive consequences. It we look from this point of view, the leadership of the Islamic Emirate has selected a quite apposite and balanced name for their new operations.

According to the historians, the good deeds of this great conqueror of the Islamic History ‘Hazrat Khalid-bin-Waledd’ can be summarized in two main parts:

First: He defeated the apostates and put a final stop to the apostasy.

Second: He defeated the Roman (i.e. western Christian) empire by conquering Syria and performing brilliantly in Yarmok, Mouta and Damascus.

Although the surrogate Afghan fighters of Americas (i.e. national army, police and Arbaki force) might not be apostate and the chastisement of apostasy are not applied to them but practically they are standing in the ranks of infidels and are fighting against the true Islamic system of life.

In the light of these facts and figures, we are optimistic to Allah Almighty that the noble operations after the name of Khalid-bin-Waleed will annihilate their malicious intensions and will confront them with interminable trounce. Similarly, a historical lesson will be taught to present western enemies of Islam.

Looking forward for the fulfillment of this great longing!

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


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