International help for Rohingyas Muslims end up with good houses for Rakhine Buddhists and little for Rohingyas victims


( – In government mouthpiece, a local news report said aid and assistance were provided equally to both community of victims of violence in Rakhine State. It also mention that total of 945 houses and 1413 dormitories for have been built and so far and internally displaced refugees are settling in.

However, Foreign NGOs,foreign government representatives and officials at UNHCR who visited Rakhine State have been writhing and saying is absolutley different story from what government mouthpiece claims.

Foreign Media had been reporting that Rohingya Muslims were getting too little compare to what Rakhine Buddhists are getting.

All 945 good houses were for Rakhine Buddhists and non for Muslims victims. In fact only Rakhine Buddhists who attack and burned down Rohingyas houses were settling in to these houses while most of the real victims who lost their homes are not getting any.

In Sittwe, not a single Buddhists house or temple were burned or attacked by Rohingyas. So one might wonders where these Rakhine Buddhists who claimed that they lost their home come from.In fact they are poor Rakhine Buddhists from Sittwe and some Rakhine Buddhists of Bangladesh citizens who migrated to Myanmar recently. They are not considered as illegal immigrant by local authority although their migrant to Bangladesh is illegal according to citizenship act.

Pictures 1,2,3, Local Rakhine state authority and central Thein Sein government asked Bangladesh citizens of Rakhinges Buddhists who enter Myanmar illegally to act as victims of violence and try to deceive UN and international helpers. Financial donations form International helpers were used to built houses for these illegal Rakhine Buddhists.It is kind of scam to international donors.

Pictures 4,5,6 Rhkhines Buddhists houses were labelled as “Rakhine House” to avoid attack and burn by Rakhines terrorists by mistake.
News -Soe Thu Moe (MMMCJ)


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