GIMF, O Victorious Ummah, Carry Your Arms, Wage Jihad, and Rejoice


( – In the name of Allah, and all praise be to Allah. Peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, his companions, and those who are faithful to him.

O Victorious Ummah, Carry Your Arms, Wage Jihad, and Rejoice

O our precious Ummah, this bulletin “An-Nafir” is support for the Mujahideen everywhere.

Its starts its first issue by renewing its bayaa to Emir al-Mu’mineen Mullah Muhammad Umar Mujahid – may Allah protect him – and emphasizing that al-Qaeda with its branches all over,
are his soldiers working under his victorious banner with help and support from Allah, to make the word of Allah the highest, for Islamic Shariah to prevail in ruling and not be ruled,
commanding and not commanded, for every area of Islamic land to be free, for the Islamic banner to be raised victorious over Grozny, Kashgar, Bukhara, Samarkand, Kabul, Manila, Jakarta,
Baghdad, Damascus Mecca, Medina, Sana’a, Mogadishu, Cairo, Algeria, Ceuta and Melilla, and for Islamic conquests to resume and to liberate and return
the ravished al-Andalus and the stolen al-Aqsa and all ravished Islamic lands to the upcoming Caliphate, Allah permitting.

“An-Nafir” starts its first issue with a message to all the oppressed Muslims all over the globe that we are with you and have not forgotten you.
Your blood is our blood and your wounds are our wounds. Your martyrs, wounded, orphans and widows are our fathers, brothers, and sisters.
Blood for blood and destruction for destruction.

The crimes that are being committed in Central Africa, Nigeria, Mali, the Sahel countries, Burma, Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Kashmir, Philippines, Chechnya,
East Turkistan and every occupied and coerced Islamic land, will not go in vain without a price, Allah permitting.

And Allah permitting, with His strength and help, we will not stop confronting and instigating to wage Jihad against the puppet governments that the enemy
has deployed in our countries with its apostate factions that are fighting Islam and Muslims.

May Allah protect the Islamic lions in Chechnya who are resisting the Russian occupiers for four and a half centuries.

May Allah protect the Islamic lions in East Turkistan who have been defending their religion, honor, and dignity.

May Allah protect the Islamic lions in Indonesia who are sacrificing their blood for the sake of the victory of Islam.

May Allah protect the Islamic lions in Iraq who are resisting the Safavid government that is backed by America, which is causing bloodshed to the Sunnis.

May Allah protect the Islamic lions in the Jihadi land of Syria who are advancing towards Damascus and from it to the path of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

May Allah protect the Islamic lions in the enduring Palestine and resisting Gaza that did not stop in spite of the Zionist occupiers,
and suffer the killing, imprisonment and torture, in order to continue the non-fading call for Islamic law.

May Allah protect the Islamic lions in Egypt who with their Jihad are resisting the secular military crimes and American-Zionist collaboration so that the word of Allah
is superior, and to liberate it and return it as a base
for Islam and to liberate Jerusalem.

May Allah protect the Islamic lions in East Africa who are waging fierce battles defending the Muslim Ummah in the Horn of Africa.
Crusader and apostate campaigns are breaking apart because of their solid rock steadfastness.

May Allah protect the Islamic lions in the Arabian Peninsula where aspiration is revealed and faith and wisdom is assured.
They are not fazed by the American bombardment and the secular treason, but it increases their
steadfastness and resolution, and makes it widespread and victorious with the help of Allah.

May Allah protect the cherished, proud, mujahid tribes which endowed with its mujahedeen sons against the rule of the Americans and their midgets.

May Allah protect the Islamic lions in the Maghreb, the guardians of Islam on the Western front, that resist the treasonous governments
that are operated and pushed on wheelchairs by Washington and Paris, and support them with defeated parties and rulers trading
with religion to protect their own interests, and supports their occupation and arrogance.

May Allah protect the Mujahideen and those who advocate Tawhid, Jihad and Shariah governance everywhere. Allah is certainly on the side of your Ummah,
so be its shield and sword, a role model in compassion,
tolerance, and patience, unity and community, obedience, justice and reasoning and resorting to Shariah.

May Allah protect the Islamic Ummah whose Mujahideen sacrifice their blood to maintain its sanctity.

O our Muslim Ummah, perhaps the democratic mirage became clear to you as it claimed the life of those who panted for the loss of the religion and the world.
Your true guardians are the Mujahideen who advocate Shariah.

Perhaps the Arab spring has made it clear for you that the secularists have stolen it and the partnership movements that tried in vain to rule by Shariah law by arbitrating to other than Shariah.

Come O our Ummah, to the Islamic spring of Da’wa and Jihad, the spring of liberation and freedom, the spring of justice and dignity with the Book that guides and the sword that supports.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

May Allah bless our Prophet Muhammad and his family and peace

“An-Nafir”: A Non-Periodic Bulletin by As-Sahab Media Production. First Issue: Rajab 1435


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