AQAP's statement on the American-Houthi Alliance in Yemen


( – Tuesday (2/12/2014), Muwahideen Media published an English translation of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)’s statement regarding American and Houthi alliance in Yemen that released by Al Malahim Media:

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“A Statement on the American-Houthi Alliance in Yemen”

Commander Abu Hurairah – Qasim ar Rimi

Muharram 1436

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Compassionate, praise be to Allah, Allah’s peace and blessings be upon the most noble of Allah’s creation, his family and followers

Everyone has seen what happened in Sana’a, Amran, Dhamaar, al Bayda and their sisters. Those regions did not fall. They were handed over by one agent to another on orders from their master America, the Hubal (pagan god in Mekkah before Islam) of this time, and with oversight from their messenger, Ibn Umar.

The rawafidh Houthi gang is the new gun hired by the enemies of Islam, made by them and its goal is their goal, to eradicate Islam. This was revealed to our Prophet (SAWS), in the coming days, they will hand over to the rawafidh the rest of the country’s affairs. We knew ear that the rawafidh would be America’s hired gun against Muslims of the Yemen imaan and hikmah, the same manner they were used against our brothers in bilad ar rafidayn. We have been waiting for them to come out so we remove their evil and aggression from the Ummah. Their appearance means they are digging their own graves, and we will only bury them very soon, inshallah.

To the rawafidh, we say: prepare for woes that will make boys become older and which will make you forget your cheap acts of treason and the happiness from your seizure of Yemen. What happened in al Buq, Majzara, Sana’a, Rada’a, and Ibb is described by the saying: this is the duel before the fight, ‘and you will certainly know the truth of it all after a while,’ (al Quran al Karim Sad 38:88). You must know that Muslims mosques, homes and school you bombed will not go without punishment. You will pay a heavy price for this. The coming days will show you this.

My silence deceived my enemies and made them think I forgot my people. How can I abandon the heads of a people who poured their graces on me? When they call on me as the horses of the enemies comes over them, I will answer their call. With a sword whose edge brings death and a spear with a lethal tip. I was born of iron but my heart is harder, for iron rusts but I do not. I have drank the blood of the enemy with their own skulls but I have not quenched my thirst. In this war without end I started as a baby and nursed the milk of fierce battles. There is no remaining flesh on me for a spear to stab or a sword to cut. We will never forget your murder and displacement of our people or your robbery of their farms and property in Sa’dah, Amran, al Jawf, Sana’a, Majzara, Arhab, Rada’a and Ibb. We will never forget your murder of the Talib of ‘ilm al shari’ah in Dammaj.

Your bill has grown too big, and we have not even begun. Then prepare for pay the price of your own lives and property. Do you think your crimes will go without punishment? No! By Allah, the one who raised the heavens with no pillars, may our mothers punish us if we did not avenge our people. ‘Then, by the Rabb of heaven and earth, this is the very truth, as much as the fact that you can speak smartly to each other.’ (al Quran al Karim al Zariyat 51:23). Oh al Houthi, we have been distracted away from you with a more urgent cause, the murtad rulers and their masters. But today, both of you have united. You have even become in control of this. As a result, you can expect to be hurt. Today you are our target. Your rise from your whole underground will, Inshallah, be our best weapon against you. We have not been stingy with you, and this is not how we are. But, it was Allah’s (swt) will you emerged during these tough times.

The generous ones may appear stingy, but this is because it is the misfortune of the beggar. You must know the people who support you will bring your destruction. Very soon this magic will turn against the magician. I sought your help but became weaker, man may have losses when he is supposed to make a profit. To our immaculate, modest people of the Sunnah of imaan and character and knowledge and practice: peace be with the Ansar of the Sunnah of Ahmad for they are the friends of Allah (swt) at all times. They protect the true den and defend al haqq with proof, swords and spears. They succeeded the chosen prophet in the dissemination of his Sunnah with words and action which sparkle like a diamond. They cleansed Tawhid of every heresy, shirk, atheism, misguidance, and deception. So that no cover will be built over a tomb, they have never worshipped or made an offering or a vow to a grave (like the rawafidh). Never circle a grave or seek benefit from the dirt as this is the act of kuffar and mushrikeen. They never made a pilgrimage to any mosque other than the three blessed ones. In their hard times, they never call on anyone other than Allah (swt), the Rabb of mankind, creation and authority.

To our people and our tribes in the Yemen of imaan and hikmah, to those people holding strong fi sabil Allah, placing their fingers on triggers, holding strong against the crusaders and safavid (rawafidh) alliance, and to our Ummah, be reassured. This is only a bubble which would pop in the face of its owner soon. Have imaan in Allah (swt). Allah (swt) is high and almighty, Allah (swt) never fails those who trust in him. I continue asking Allah’s pleasure with devotion until I can predict what Allah (swt) will do. We vow to redeem your lives with ours. We will not fail you or harm you. We are your solid shield, Inshallah. Allah (swt) will heal your chests in the near future, by the operations of your sons, by the power and strength of Allah (swt). However, you have to understand that Allah (swt) grants victory to those who support Him, as Allah (swt) said in his book. The biggest victory will take place if we follow our imaan and reject the tyrants and their laws. Allah tala’a said: ‘those who believe fight fi sabil Allah, and those who disbelieve fight for the taghut, so fight against the friends of Shaytan, weak indeed is the cunning of al Shaytan (al Quran al Karim an Nisaa 4:76).

By Allah (swt) we will not witness the weakness of our enemy except by fighting them with our deen and brotherhood. ‘It is Allah who strengthened you with His aid and with the mu’mineen (al Quran al Karim an Anfal 8:62). If people seek assistance from someone other than Allah (swt), calamity will come on them from all sides. Our loved ones, we would save you with our own lives, but you need to understand we are fighting in response to Allah’s (swt) commandment for us to support His imaan and those who believed in Him. This is your duty as well, so rise up and respond to your call. No one has the right to not help those who are weak, especially since the rawafidh live among you and are on your streets, free to capture any Muslim. Why are you not fighting fi sabil Allah when captured men, women and children are crying to Allah (swt) to get them out of the village and be their wali and supporter? Know you will only be awarded either victory or istishadiya. If you refuse this, you will suffer disgrace and shame.

Our prophet (SAWS) said if you choose to stray from Allah (swt) and do not take up jihad fi sabil Allah, Allah (swt) will send you disgrace which will not be moved until you return back to your imaan. If you are looking for honor, you have to work hard for it or choose comfort of your body and settle for shame. Wolves attack shepherds without dogs but stay away from the herd of sheep guarded by a ferocious dog. A better statement in this matter is Allah’s (swt) statement: ‘and did Allah not check one group of people by means of another, the earth would indeed be full of mischief. But Allah I full of bounty to all the worlds (al Quran al Karim al Baqarah 2:251) and Allah’s (swt) saying: ‘fight and kill the pagans wherever you find them, and capture them, demean them, and lie in wait for them in every stage of war (al Quran al Karim at Tawbah 9:5)

Oh Allah (swt), grant hikmah to this Ummah, where those you obey You are granted honor and those who do not are subdued. You are honorable beyond any description. Peace be on the messengers and praise be to Allah, ar rabb al alimeen.

“Oh Aqsa we are coming!”



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