A story from a land of Jihad, Sham (part 1)


(arrahmah.com) – This is a true story from a jihad land, Sham. This is a true story about a young man that take weapon to establish the izzah of Islam and to protect the Moslem people. This story was told by arrahmah.com correspondent who met him in the middle of a battle in the city of Aleppo, Syria.

His name is Khabbab As-Syami, a young man from Idlib, Syria. This young man known has good attitude and sociable too. Many of his friends love him because of his good personality. And what make him closer to them is that He loves to amuse his friends with his humor.


The story of Khabbab is a story of a youth who wage jihad, but this story takes a unique side.

There is a proverb “No rose without thorn”, means that a human with imperfect and weakness in certain things.

Likewise Khabbab, this Mujahid has many superiority, but he also has weaknesses.

His weakness is that he can’t resist his sleep, and hard to be woken up. Like a “buffalo sleep”, some people said. Some funny things happened because of his bad sleep habbit.

Khabbab told that during a war in a village Khan Saikhun, Idlib province, on October 2014, Mujahideen launched an attack to a base of Bashar Asad Forces, and by the grace of Allah, Mujahideen succeeded to take over an area from Asad’s regime, that was a village in the Idlib suburb which was a headquarter of Commando Forces.

After that, Mujahideen took control that area and did the ribath (to station and stay in place) that spend time several days.
Khabbab himself participated in the operation. He carried out his duty obediently.

Of course, it is not an easy thing, a full schedule makes whole Mujahideen tired, it was known by the commander of Mujahideen. So that a policy to take turns in ribath has been taken for all Mujahideen. For those who finished their duties in war and ribath, they replaced by another members that has got time off. That was the policy from the Commander.

Shortly, because of He has finished his duties, so Khabbab got his turn to take a rest at a Mujahideen camp. They stayed at an empty house, they cleaned it and after that they made it as their headquarter. They called it “headquarter 45 Khan Saikhun”.

They call the place by that name to make them easy remember it.
This headquarter is a building with 2 floors, which is abandoned by its owner because of the war. It has many rooms, both upstairs and downstairs.

The atmosphere of the night was different from previous nights. Normally, the night was quiet, but that night was noisy by bombs from regime forces. Because the regime forces lose the areas they controlled, so they took revenge, they attempted to destroy Mujahideen camps by their air strikes.

After midnight, the Asad’s air force sent 2 helicopters to attack the headquarter. Every helicopter brought 3 barrel bombs with high-explosive. It’s estimated that 1 bomb is 100 kg. What a horrible weapon!

The both planes flew to 45 Khan Saikhun. Alhamdulillah, their helicopters were detected by Mujahideen by its sound.

The members of Mujahideen shouted to their friends in the camp to get up and leave the camp, because the danger was threatening them. Their number was about 20 and Khabbab is one of them.

It was assumed that the shout has been very loud, and they thought that everyone was out from the headquarter, so the group commander told them to spread to seek shelter that far away from the headquarter.

But the shout of his friends was unable to wake Khabbab. He was fell asleep in a room in the downstairs of the barrack.

Just a moment then, after Mujahideen spread out to seek shelter, enemy helicopters dropped out all their barrel bombs toward 45 Khan Saikhun.

A horrible scene could see where the building bombarded by 6 barrel bombs, to quash the building. The bombs caused the building collapsed to the ground.

After the helicopters went away, Mujahideen checked out their headquarter to save their goods that still to be saved.

The commander was busy to check the number of his members. He started to gather them to know their circumstance and safety. The checking turned into panic when Khabbab was mentioned. All the brothers asked each other “where is Khabbab?”, but there was no answer.

And then, The brothers looked for Khabbab under the ruins. They found that almost of the building collapsed to the ground. But there was only one room that seemed still good enough. The room is in the downstairs.

A brother entered the room to found Khabbab. Full with dark dust and the smell of explosive, the brother tried to remove the remains of the ruins.

At last, he founded a body covered with dark dust and gravel. His body looked uninjured. The brother started to clean the face of the body, and it was Khabbab who lying rigid like a man who died. Suddenly, the silence turned into cries.

“Khabbab martyred! Khabbab martyred! Khabbab martyred!” a brother shouted while carrying Khabbab’s body.

They carried Khabbab to the hospital by ambulance. The ambulance drove so fast. But the roads in Syria today is not like roads in a safe country. The roads in this country are very bad, caused by the war. There are many holes and broken asphalts in the roads. Once, the ambulance through a hole and the driver forgot to put the brakes on, it caused jolt.

The body of Khabbab bounced from the bed. So, Khabbab woke up and shouted: “Oh, Where am I?” while he looked in all directions.
Suddenly, his friends were surprised by the incident. How the dead corpse back to life? After that, they all laughed. They laughed because they thought that Khabbab has died, in fact he just fell asleep.

A brother asked to Khabbab:
“Hey, Khabbab, did you hear the sounds of barrel bombs?”
“No, I didn’t!” he answered with a smile which made his friends laughed more loudly.

How can someone fall asleep under the bombardment?



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