84 enemy personnel and 13 vehicles eliminated in Nangarhar, 16 vehicles seized


NANGARHAR (Arrahmah.com) – The clashes against enemy forces in Sherzad and Khogyano districts on Thursday which carried into 09:00 am today resulted in the enemy forces sustaining heavy losses before being beaten back, officials from Nangarhar province say.

The final enemy toll from the battle includes 84 Arbakis/ANA/ANP and foreign troops killed from which 61 were killed in Khogyano and 23 in Sherzad while 70 others were wounded from which 70 were wounded in Khogyano and 19 in Sherzad.

Officials say that Mujahideen were also able to seize 16 Pk machine guns, 2 RPG launchers, 38 Ak rifles, 4 communication radios and a large amount of other equipment, adding that 4 Mujahideen were also injured by enemy fire and 5 others rewarded with martyrdom (may Allah accept them). (shahamat-english/arrahmah.com)

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