6 tanks eliminated, 35 invaders and hirelings killed in Bala Baluk battle


(Arrahmah.com) – Reports from Bala Baluk district say that heavy fighting took place between Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate and combined foreign and hireling troops all day Thursday and Friday in Pasaw, Kerani and Mullah Uthman Neika regions.

2 enemy tanks were completely burnt and destroyed in Friday’s battle while 1 enemy UAV, 1 DSHck heavy machine gun, 1 RPG, a pair of night goggles and other equipment were also seized.

A total of 6 ISAF tanks have been completely destroyed in the 2 days of fighting as well as IED attacks while 20 invaders and hirelings have also been killed and 15 others wounded.

Officials said that the enemy has wounded several villagers and has resorted to demolishing the homes of locals to make inroads. (shahamat-english/arrahmah.com)

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