26 killed, 14 vehicles destroyed in attack on US-NATO supply convoy in Wardak


WARDAK (Arrahmah.com) – A convoy carrying loads of US-NATO supplies and fuel had come under attacks by the Islamic Emirate’s Mujahideen in Afghanistan’s Wardak province on Saturday, Mujahideen officials said on Sunday.

The convoys passing through Syed Abad district got confronted by Mujahideen combatants in different areas within intervals. After 3 hours of fighting, Mujahideen destroyed some 14 military vehicles, supply and fuel trucks in besides killing as many as 26 puppets including escort security guards, policemen and soldiers of ANA and wounding another 10.

The operation was late in the series of attacks targeting the enemy’s convoy and one of the worst single-day attacks for the US-NATO and their puppets in Wardak since the Operation Khalid bin Waleed begin on Apr. 28, 2013. (shahamat/arrahmah.com)

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