25 killed, 4 outposts overrun in Badakhshan Operation


(Arrahmah.com) – The Islamic Emirate’s Mujahideen last night conducted an offensive in Wardaj district of Badakhshan province against a number of the enemy’s combat posts.

As planned separate small units, equipped with every possible arms, stormed three outposts and a check post and after meeting a nominal resistance from the puppets stationed in posts, Mujahideen managed to conquer all four posts and overrun them. As many as 25 puppets were killed and wounded in the resulting firefight. Of 25, 12 death bodies in soldier uniforms lay in front of the posts later morning hours of Monday.  

The US helicopters circling around for possible targets bombed out the areas aimlessly but did not hit any important target.

Four Mujahideen, however, became martyrs and three others wounded throughout the fighting and airstrikes.

Mujahideen capture a huge amount of arms and ammo amid fighting which came on the 29th day of the Operation Khalid bin Walid, part of ongoing Jihadic offensives. (shahamat-english/arrahmah.com)

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