Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding the recent barbarity in Nangarhar


( – A horrific video was released yesterday showing kidnappers who associate themselves with Daesh (ISIS) brutally martyring several white bearded tribal elders and villagers with explosives in Mamand Dara area of Shinwaro district.

This un-Islamic act where innocent civilians are martyred after being charged with apostasy merely for aiding the Islamic Emirate can never be justified. The Islamic Emirate strongly condemns this act. No law can ever allow prisoners to be mistreated in such a manner.

This offense and other such brutal actions by a few irresponsible ignorant individuals under the guise of Islam and Muslims are intolerable. The Islamic Emirate orders it leaders in the area to find and punish the perpetrators of this heinous act in light of sublime Shariah Law.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

26/10/1436 Hijri Lunar

20/05/1394 Hijri Solar 11/08/2015 Gregorian


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