The beautiful "environmentally friendly" da'wah in Dallas church by Omar Suleiman

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DALLAS ( – For some reasons, Islam is getting harder to be accepted in many countries, in line with Islamophobia spreaded. Yet, Allah shows us something rarely happened in da’wah realm at Dallas-USA, a wisdom of an “environmentally friendly” da’wah.

On Thursday morning (26/3/2015), Omar Suleiman, Director of Islamic Learning Foundation Texas, just finished giving a presentation at St Thomas Episcopal Church in Dallas. At the end of it, a woman stood up and was in tears saying, “I’ve been watching the news this whole time and I’ve been so sick of being afraid. Thank you for showing me that your religion is beautiful and I don’t need to be afraid.”

Maasyaa Allah. “Moments like that is not only refreshing, but serve as a reminder that there are MANY good people out there that just don’t know any better,” said Omar Suleiman on his post on Facebook, Friday (26/3).

Ikhwah fiillah, through the statement, Allah showed us that the beautiful of “environmentally friendly” da’wah could give an in-depth impact to people with various believes. This method really depict how Rasulullah shalallahu ‘alayhi wasallam give guidance to many people in his time.

Alhamdulillah. “May Allah help us to educate, unite, and contribute to the making of a better world. Ameen,” Omar Suleiman concluded his post with a beutiful hope. (adibahasan/

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