E-book: The enemy within an attempt to diagnose one of the illnesses of the Muslim Ummah by Syaikh Dr. Hani As-Siba'i

cover of The Enemy Within

JAKARTA (Arrahmah.com) – Al-Maqreze Centre for Historical Studies in London once again proudly published “The Enemy Within an Attempt to Diagnose One of the Illnesses of the Muslim Ummah” on Friday (28/11/2014), as reported by Al-Maqreze Radio.

The book that written by Shaykh Dr. Hani As-Siba’i is dedicated to the new generation of our Muslim youth in an attempt to shed some light on one particular cause which has led to the demise and miserable state of the Muslim Ummah in our modern time.

At the same time Syaikh Hani, Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Criminal Jurisprudence, suggests us, Muslimin not to forget other causes which have led this nation of ours to such a level of degradation and disgrace. Other causes, such as foreign enemy, economic, military, cultural, moral causes, etc. These causes have been piled up throughout the ages, leading to our stray, division, fighting and loss.

The author of “At-Tuhfah Al-Halimiyyah” once said,

“Countries and nations resemble individuals in the fact that they too are exposed to illnesses. Internal divisions among nations are like internal illnesses; their causes are ignorant and unjust rulers and their cures are just rulers who have strong will and knowledge. External problems are like ulcers on the surface of the body and they are cured by force and awareness.”

In this book, Syaikh Dr. Hani have choosen one cause, which is as dangerous as the foreign enemy, and that is the problems and disorder affecting the Muslim Ummah, otherwise known as the domestic enemy (or the near enemy). It is the cause of every disease and the source of every trial and tribulation.

He suggested taht our Ummah is in need of a campaign of self-purification and purging of all the filth that have been attached to it, to eradicate the malignant tumours, in order to salvage what is left of it and take it to a stage of recovery. Only then, our Ummah can restore its strength and form through its Sharia and face its enemies and overcome them, Inshaa Allah.

Therefore, this book shall deal with the following points:

  1. Proof from Sharia Law
  2. Military expeditions of the Prophet shalallahu ‘alayhi wasallam
  3. The conflict that broke out between the Sahabah
  4. Andalusia Spain
  5. The Abbasid Caliphate (from 132 AH to 923 AH)
  6. Ibn Toumart, the impostor, who destroyed the Sunni Murabiteen Dynasty (from 453 AH to 541 AH)
  7. The Othman Caliphate
  8. The Battle of At-Tal Al-Kabir in 1882 between the Egyptian Army and the English Army
  9. The collapse of the Islamic State of Afghanistan (Taliban) by the Anglo-American invasion in 2001
  10. The Invasion of Iraq in 2003
  11. The Invasion of Somalia in 2007

To read the whole document, please feel free to download the full version of “The Enemy Within
An attempt to diagnose one of the illnesses of the Muslim Ummah”. By reading this book, may Allah grant us a comprehensive understanding about the enemy of: iman, Islam, and global jihad movement; in this fitnah era. Inshaa Allah. (adibahasan/arrahmah.com)

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