Call for help: 1200 patients hunger at Gaza's Shifa Hospital

despite facing food & medicine crisis, the patients as shifa hospital served with inadequate facilities

GAZA CITY ( – Shifa Hospital is the largest and prime hospital in the Gaza Strip, which stood firm since 1942. However, only this time they are experiencing the worst crisis in its history, after “Israel” agression to Gaza few moths ago. Based on reports to the Editor Arrahmah, Abdillah Onim said on Friday (07/11/2014), there were 1,200 patients with a lack of food are seeking for help.

Onim said that on Wednesday afternoon (05/11/2014), Voice of Palestine radio management received an official letter delivered by the health ministry in Gaza City, through the Gaza Health Ministry spokesman dr. Asraf.

dr. Asraf informed that the company previously worked closely with hospital management, forced out of business due to the Shifa Hospital was overwhelmed cover the costs of food intake or daily for patients treated at Shifa Hospital.

the only remaining at the pharmacy of shifa hospital
the only remaining in the pharmacy of shifa hospital

Shifa Hospital asks Governments and NGOs’ participation

Citing an official letter, the conditions experienced by the Shifa Hospital facing the absence of operating costs and the closing of access to Egypt.

“The main obstacle is the decreasing amount of donations they receive, in addition, with the condition of the Rafah border gate, which until now has not been opened,” said Onim.

This has resulted food and medicines supply crisis in the Shifa Hospital . Even Bang Onim reported that now there is no more food can be provided routinely to patients by the hospital. Subhanallah.

To prevent the ongoing food shortage in the patient, then the Shifa hospital in need of donations to purchase food for patients from the supplier. With the injection of fresh funds from donors, is expected to extend the cooperation with companies supplying food to patients at Shifa Hospital.

Therefore, “The Shifa Hospital appealed to Muslims Country as well as NGOs in the world, in particular Indonesian NGOs and the Indonesian government to [participate] cares about the fate of the 1200 patients who were threatened with food shortages,” said Palestinian Minister of Health in Gaza Strip.

Abdillah Onim is an Indonesian independent journalist and humanitarian activist who lived in Gaza Strip, Palestine.

The donations can be channeled through the Palestinian Gaza Cares Purse Account RECs. National Bank of Indonesia (BNI) : 6900090001 / Abdillah Onim. Confirmation of the transfer can be sent to no. Whatsapp +972 598 058 513.

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