Tears ran down my cheeks that day


(Arrahmah.com) – While every nation of the world is discussing content and food issues, I want to share a brief story from my day. While US Congress and Burhanuddin Rabbani, Sayaf and Fahim, Dr. Abdullah and likewise other people were fighting over bombing rates against the people of Afghanistan and especially on the inheritors of Prophet SAW, this was a difficult year for many Afghan families.

On the night of 24th December after my brother narrated a story from our neighboring area which was just hit by US B52 in Qandahar, I stopped at the main NY Post Office (33rd & 8th), headquarters to the USPS “Operation Santa Claus” program. I turned to a newsstand and took a copy of ‘New York Times’. While a person was having the newspaper talking to his wife as she was busy in choosing gifts for Christmas, Abruptly, I heard a person face him and say, ‘yeah, we are the righteous of all the nations, we don’t bombard the poor Afghans but it’s their leaders who are demanding an intensified bombing campaign, their  people who are under the control of terrorists. And you know our brave pilots, we are from grand canyon, hahaha, cheerup, and this Christmas would be very different for Americans.’I’m not one to easily show my emotions, but I hear stories one after another, with tears running down my face. Here is a story I chose from my brother’s phone calls.

Fathima, age 6, who lives with her father and her mom, and with 2 sisters and a brother in the Qandahar City, likes playing with friends her own age in the fields around her house. Her father works long hours to buy food for the family. Fathima, on the third day of American bombing of Qandahar city told her father to take her to Allah and she would tell Him to remove Americans from this peaceful world and destroy their airplanes, and if the father did not take her to Allah then the father was to let her  go out to the deserts to pray to Allah Almighty.

11-year-old Ahmad also asks for Shahadat (martyrdom) and says to let him go out of the home to fight the invaders when they land.

The father was unable to give an answer so he finally asked the mother to satisfy them. “You are too young for fighting filthy invaders, Ahmad! And you should wait until you get older; the age for fighting is at least 16,” the mother advised her son.

“And you Fathima, notify your demands from Allah to your father to pen it down and then he would send it to Allah’s house; Kaba e Shareef. And of course Allah will extend His Wrath over all the disbelievers.” They both got satisfied and Fathima ran and took a piece of paper with a half broken pen to her father and told her father to write; “Me, Fathima and all children of Muslims of Afghanistan are under attack of invaders, their airplanes are coming from their far away country to our land and are bombing us, they are not only the enemies of our country and our lives but also the enemies of your religion Islam, they came to remove the real Islamic Emirate from Afghanistan. And moreover, they kill the children who can neither do any good nor harm to anyone. O my Allah! Send your extreme wrath over them and over all their supporters whether they are Afghan or any others. We hate Americans and their followers, kill them all.”

After finishing the letter the father and Ahmad went to a Masjid to perform Isha (night) prayers, and a bomb hit Fathima’s house and all members of the family except Ahmad and his father were martyred. The father says that Fathima whispered into his ear in her last breath, “Don’t send the letter now, I am meeting Allah very soon and I will tell all that we are facing in our country”. (shahamat-english/arrahmah.com)

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