The death of 28 Journalists in Syria, Four of them foreign


( – The Committee to Protect Journalists has confirmed that 28 journalists have been killed in Syria during 2012 due to the tragic conditions that the country has been living for more than 20 months.

In its yearly report which was published on Tuesday, the NGO said that the escalating violence in Syria raised the number of those journalists who have been killed by 42% from last year

Among the journalists killed, four have been foreigners who entered the country to cover the events taking place. They include two from France: freelance photographer Remi Ochlik, and a reporter of France 2 TV channel Gilles Jacquier; American journalist Marie Colvin who worked with the Sunday Times, and the Japanese Press journalist Mika Yamamoto.

This large number of journalists that have been killed this year, among them non-Syrians who came simply to cover the events taking place, should compel the international community to take responsibility to put pressure on the Syrian regime to abide by international standards to protect journalists, and allow them to carry out their work with no threats or danger.

Syrian Human Rights Committee



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