Five internally displaced Rohingyas shot by police in Sittwe, Arakan


SITTWE ( –  On Saturday (1/12/2012) at 4:20 PM, five internally displaced Rohingyas at Thay-Chaung Refugee Camp were gunshot by Police. These IDPs have been taking refuge there since the state-sponsored ethnic cleansing against them started in June 2012.

A Rohingya Elder from Sittwe said “the Police, all of sudden and without informing in advance, came to the Thay-Chaung Refugee Camp and started to force internally displaced Rohingyas (IDRs) to shift to Say Thar Ma (Sandama) Camp located in a remote, isolated and deserted area. In the area, it is very difficult to get access to clean water, food and medical facilities and transportation is also very bad.

When IDRs had refused to move there fearing the desperate situation of the place, it led to heating disputes and arguments between Police and IDRs. Police, without any hesitation opened fired at them. Five Rohingyas were seriously injured. Of them, a person called Shafi Rahman (28) from Narzi quarter Block 3 is in critical condition fighting for his life in State General Hospital as the bullet remains deep inside his chest.

The other four injured people are: Ziabul Haque (25) from Narzi Quarter Block 1, Mawnura Begum (23) from Narzi Quarter Block, Salim (22) from Narzi Quarter Block 4, and Anwar Begum (20) from Narzi Quarter Block 11.

Elsewhere in Arakan, “Hla [email protected] Rahmatullah S/o Fawzil, a Rohingya figurehead from the village of Khadir Bil (Nyaung Chaung) of Maungdaw,  was killed NaTaLa Rakhine extremists from a nearby village. “His body was cut into five pieces,” said Rahim from Maungdaw.

Meanwhile, it was also reported that the chairman of this village and his other three companions were sentenced to 10-year-imprisonment. They were arrested on 1st July 2012 for not handing over some 100 Rohingyas, from the village, to be killed in lock-ups by the authority. (siraaj/rohingyablogger/

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