Ansar Al-Sharia (AQAP) released 25 captive Yemeni soldiers in Abyan and gave every of them 5000 riyal to return home


ABYAN ( – Media reports mentioned mujahidin of Ansar Al-Sharia in Abyan released 25 Yemeni soldiers among 70 soldiers who they managed to capture in the fierce battles near the valley Dovas, Southern Yemen.
‘Al-Ola’ newspaper said that Ansar Al-Sharia released this batch of captive soldiers after they took from them pledges not to participate again in fighting in the ranks of the army.

The sources added that Ansar Al-Sharia gave every soldier 5000 Yemeni Riyals to return home, and they told them that their blood will be legitimate if they returned to fight in the ranks of the army.

The picture shows a sheikh of AQAP was giving lecture to the Yemen military troops to be freed.(siraaj/ 

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