The Speech by the Martyr of Islam (As We Consider Him) The Mujahid Sheikh Usama Bin Laden


All praise to Allah, we praise Him, and we ask for His assistance and forgiveness. We seek His protection from the evils within ourselves and the sins of our actions. Whomever Allah guides is not led astray, and whoever is led astray has no guide. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, alone without partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger. Thereafter:

My Muslim Ummah:

We follow along with you this great historical event. We share with you the joy and happiness and the delight and gladness. We rejoice for your joy, and we grieve for your distress. Congratulations to you for your triumphs, and may Allah have mercy on your martyrs, treat your wounded, and release your prisoners. Thereafter:


Days of glory came to the people of Islam, and meanwhile rulers departed from the lands of the Arabs.

Possessing thrones until the news came to us with indications of glad tidings.

The Ummah always directed its face expecting a victory to emerge from signs in the East, but instead the sun of the revolution rose from the West. The revolution radiated from Tunisia, and the Ummah was pleased, the faces of the people were illuminated, the throats of the rulers were choked, and the Jews were alarmed by the closeness of the threat.

With the fall of the tyrant also fell the meanings of humiliation, submission, fear, and limitation, and the meanings of freedom, dignity, courage, and initiative arose. The winds of change were blowing with desire for liberation, and Tunisia took the lead. As quick as lighting, the knights of Egypt took what they learned from the noble people of Tunisia to Tahrir Square. Another great revolution was launched, and what a revolution it was. It was a fateful revolution for all of Egypt and the whole of the Ummah, so long as it adheres to the connection to its Lord. The revolution was not one of food and clothing but one of dignity and defiance, a revolution of sacrifice and giving. The Nile was illuminated from top to bottom, and the youth of Islam saw their glory and their souls yearning for the time of their ancestors. They took over the torch from Tahrir Square in Cairo to frustrate the tyrannical regimes, stood in the face of evil, rose their fists against it, and did not fear its soldiers. They made a promise and kept it, for the high-minded are steadfast, and the hands are helpful, and the revolution has promise.

To the noble rebels in all countries:

Maintain the initiative, and beware of dialogue, for there is no half-way meeting point between the people of righteousness and the people of deception. Far be it from both. Remember that Allah has placed upon you days that will have an aftermath. You are their knights and leaders, and in your hands are the reigns. The Ummah has saved you for this glorious event, so continue the path, and do not be afraid of difficulties.


The journey to the target has begun, and the noble person has begun the march with determination.

And when the noble person begins the march, he will not tire nor stop.

He will not stop unless the stated goals and combined hopes are fulfilled, with Allah’s permission. Your revolution is the landmark and place of hope for the hurt and wounded. You have released great sorrow from the Ummah, so may Allah relieve you of your sorrows. You have achieved great hopes, so may Allah fulfill your hopes.


The path brought you to a stop with a striking pause, with desperation behind you and hope before you.

Glory is regained by blood, and lions die defending their dens.

Whoever sacrifices his noble soul for his Lord repelling their deception, how can this person be blamed?

O sons of my Muslim Ummah:

Before you there is a dangerous crossroads and a great, historic, and rare opportunity for advancing the Ummah and becoming liberated from serving the whims of the rulers, manmade laws, and Western domination. It is a great sin and great ignorance to waste this opportunity that the Ummah has awaited for many decades, so take it and destroy the idols and pagans, and establish justice and faith.

In this respect, I remind the faithful people that the creation of a council to offer opinion and advice to the Muslim people on all the important points is a Shariah duty. This is important for some of the zealous people who had advised earlier of the necessity of eradicating these unjust regimes and who are widely trusted among the Muslim masses. It is upon them to begin this project and announce it soon, detached from the control of the oppressive rulers, and establish a command center that keeps up with events, working in parallel lines that cover all of the Ummah’s needs, while benefiting from the suggestions of those with the prohibitive authority in this Ummah, and to resort to the qualified research centers and the intelligent people among the people of knowledge, in order to save the people who are fighting to bring down their tyrants and whose sons are being killed, and to advise the people who have already brought down some of the pillars of the rulers of the necessary steps to protect the revolution and achieve its aims.

And likewise, cooperate with people whose revolution has not been launched yet, so as to specify the zero hour and what its pre-requisites are. Delay increases the chances of missing the opportunity, and moving before its time increases the number of victims. And I think that the winds of change will encompass the whole Islamic world, with Allah’s permission. The people should prepare what is necessary and not go through with something before consulting the faithful people of experience, who stay away from half-solutions and befriending the oppressors. And it has been said:


Opinion comes before the courage of the brave. Opinion is first, and courage comes second.

My Muslim Ummah:

The past few decades have witnessed several revolutions for which people rejoiced, but then they quickly tasted their afflictions. The path to preserve the Ummah and its revolutions today from loss and injustice is to launch a revolution of awareness and correction of terms in most of the fields, and especially the basic ones. The most important among them is the first pillar of Islam, and among the good books that were written on the subject is “Concepts that Must be Corrected” by Sheikh Muhammad Qutb.

The weak awareness in many of the sons of the Ummah that is a result of the wrong culture spread by the rulers for many decades is the grand tragedy. The other tragedies of the Ummah are merely a result of this: the culture of humiliation, neglect, submission, and giving absolute obedience to the rulers – worship them and not Allah – and giving up the most important religious and worldly rights to them, and making the values, principles, and people revolve in their orbit, making man lose his humanity, and making him run behind the ruler and his will without awareness or insight, becoming sycophants.

If people do good, they will do good, and if people do bad, they will do bad, which makes these people a product that the ruler can do with as they please. Those are the victims of oppression and injustice in our lands, whom the rulers brought out to shout their name and stand in their bunkers. The rulers had sought to make people give up their most important rights that Allah had given to them, so they sabotaged the minds of the Ummah and marginalized its rule in the important public affairs by co-opting the efforts of the media and religious governmental institutions so as to give them legitimacy. They tricked the eyes of people and their will and minds and promoted the paganism of the rule and established it falsely in the name of religion and the homeland, so that people can respect it and place it in their souls, and so that the elderly would consider it holy. And the youth are not safe from it. The youth who are our responsibility and are born in innocence. They murdered their innocence without conscience nor mercy, making the adults grow old over this and making the young become youths. The tyrants increased their tyranny, and the oppressors increased their oppression.

So what are you waiting for? Save yourselves and your children, for the opportunity has come, especially after the youth of the Ummah had taken on the burdens of the revolution and its tragedies and the bullets of the tyrants and their torture. They paved the road with their sacrifices and established the bridge of freedom with their blood. Youths in the prime of life divorced the world of humiliation and defeat, engaging dignity or death. Do the rulers realize that the people have left and will not return until they fulfill the promises, with Allah the Almighty’s permission.

And in conclusion:

The great injustice in our country has increased to a large extent, and we were very late in condemning and changing it. Whoever begins should finish what he has started, and Allah will make him victorious. Whoever has not begun should prepare equipment for the matter and ruminate on the authentic Hadith of the Messenger of Allah, prayers and peace of Allah be upon him, when he said:

“Never a Prophet had been sent before me by Allah towards his nation who had not among his people (his) disciples and companions who followed his ways and obeyed his command. Then there came after them their successors who said whatever they did not practice, and practiced whatever they were not commanded to do. He who strove against them with his hand was a believer: he who strove against them with his tongue was a believer, and he who strove against them with his heart was a believer and beyond that there is no faith even to the extent of a mustard seed. “

And he also said:

“The master of martyrs is Hamza bin Abdulmuttalib and a man who stood up to an oppressor ruler where he ordered him and forbade him, so he (the ruler) killed him”

So congratulations to those who came out with this great intent, for if they are killed, they are the master of the martyrs. And if they live, then it is with dignity and defiance, so support righteousness and do not be worried:


Saying the truth to the tyrant is dignity and glad tidings.

It is the path to this world. It is the path to the afterlife.

So if you wish, you can die a slave. And if you wish, you can die a free man.

O Allah, open the way for those who wish to establish Your religion with victory, and grant them patience, success, and certainty.

O Allah, give guidance to this Ummah in which the people who obey You are dignified and the people who disobey You are humiliated, and in which goodness is enjoined and evil is forbidden.

O Allah, give us good in this world and in the afterlife, and save us from the torture of hell.

O Allah, strengthen our weakness, and mend our fractures, and make our feet steadfast.

O Allah, attack the local and international unjust rulers, and make us victorious over the unjust people.

And our last prayers are all praise to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

As-Sahab Foundation for Media Production

Jumada Al Awwal 1432

April 2011

Source: Al-Fajr Media Center

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